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Rick Scherer and Rich Clayton have been working together in the mortgage industry for over a decade. They spent years working for both large and small lenders and both realized there were many missing pieces within those companies; the biggest being culture. They were able to take what worked, what they felt needed improvement, add their vision, experience, individual skill sets and start their own company, OnTo Mortgage; established in 2019.

In 2022, Rick and Rich made a strategic move to team with industry powerhouse LeaderOne Financial. They are incredibly proud and excited for OnTo Mortgage to join forces with LeaderOne Financial. With this dynamic partnership, OnTo Mortgage is positioned to grow and successfully navigate this challenging landscape, now and in the future, and continue to be the leading lending platform not only in our markets, but in 40 additional states, Nationwide!

The name OnTo is a derivative of the term “Ontological”, which in simpler terms, is the philosophy of how we show up for each other, and those around us, on a daily basis. Rick and Rich know that great companies are fueled by great cultures, and great cultures are built by its employees. They believe in showing up for coworkers, clients, and referral partners. That is really the foundation of OnTo Mortgage. OnTo started out as a team of 7 and has since grown into a firm of 28 employees, all fully entrenched in the core values of the company. The cohesiveness as a team allows for an extremely efficient loan process. Along with top notch service and cutting edge technology.

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